BONUS BLOG: Knock-Off Extras!


Choco-Covered Marshmallows—Yummm!

Godiva chocolate-covered marshmallows, $3.25 each

GL chocolate-dipped marshmallows, $3.95 for three dozen

bag of marshmallows • white, milk and dark chocolate bars • microwave-safe dish • small spoon • waxed paper • toothpicks

Working with one type of chocolate at a time, break bar into small chunks in dish. Microwave on low 1 minute; stir. Continue to microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring each time (chocolate holds its shape unless stirred). Once melted and smooth, drop marshmallows in one at a time. Turn around with spoon until completely covered. Remove marshmallow with toothpick, placing on waxed paper to set. Let sit until chocolate hardens, up to a half hour.


Keep It Cheap

Sure, making gifts is less expensive than buying them, but even still, when you’re pinching pennies it can add up! Here are some quick thrifty tips to help you save moolah.

1. Go shopping—at your house! It may surprise you, but you probably have tons more craft supplies at home than you even realize. Clean out some of those junk drawers, enlist your parents to help you find that long-forgotten pile of yarn and wipe the dust off of the sewing machine. Anything you can dig up is just one more thing you don’t have to buy.

2. Hit the sale rack, big time!
All craft stores have clearance bins, sale racks, bonus packs, items on special, coupons… use them! You’d be surprised how quickly these savings add up.

3. Certain supplies are only available in bulk.
You’ll end up with craft supplies out the wazoo! But the cool thing is that these extras will allow you to make more crafts than just the single unique item. So earrings for all your best gals this year? Done!


Be A Crochet Champion

Once you learn to crochet, you can make just about anything. Your handiwork will make a sweet personalized gift, and what a cozy way to spend the afternoon indoors. But the trick is to not get frustrated, and try, try again. The thing about learning to crochet is that you’ll need to practice a bit before you get it right. But then? Voila! It will all fall into place. The peeps at Lions Brand Yarns have truly amazing instructions online—free! Go to for the complete how-tos.

10/29/2007 4:56:49 PM