Easy Easter Egg Crafts

Having an Easter egg hunt? Giving a springy basket to your BFF? No matter how you're celebrating this holiday, awesome, decorated eggs are a must. How to get 'em? That simple dip 'n' dye is so last year! This Easter, add a li'l somethin' extra to your basket with these easy and fun egg crafts.

What You'll Need:

About 1 dozen hard boiled eggs - ask the 'rents for some help with this
since you can burn yourself if you aren't super careful.
1 box of bright crayons - neon hues work best
1 white wax crayon
1 Easter Egg Dying Kit like Pas or anything drug store brand.
2 or 3 household rubber bands
1 roll of lace or mesh ribbon
Any color glitter spread out in a bowl or plate.
White or clear glue
1 thin bristled paintbrush

Five Easy Egg Looks:

Pastel Picasso

When your eggs are still warm and fresh out of the pot, gently towel dry 'em. Then, use your wax crayon to draw original works of art. Because the egg heats up the crayon, you get a smooth color that looks like painting!'s a Secret!

Use a white wax crayon to write anything you want across your Easter Egg. When you're finished, dip the egg into the dye of your choice. When the egg takes color, pull it out and towel it off gently with paper towels, making sure not to rub. Your secret message will appear in white against the rest of the egg's bright color.

Springtime Stripes

Secure a rubber band around your egg (careful - don't snap it or tie it around too many times or you might break the egg!). Place it in the dye. After you pull it out, gently towel dry it off and pull off the rubber bands. Voila! You've created clear stripes where the bands once were. Get different colored stripes by dipping your egg into another dye after the bands are off. 

Fresh 'n' Fancy

Tie a piece of lace ribbon around your egg and secure the end with a rubber band. Dip your egg in your dye and wait a few minutes. Towel dry when you pull your egg out and carefully remove the lace. The imprint of the lace will create

Springy Sparklers

After your egg has been dyed the the color of your choice and dried, it's time to get sparklin'. Line up a stencil on your egg's shell, and using your paintbrush, paint over the designs with your white glue. Then roll the egg in a small plate of glitter, making sure to get all the the glue covered. Let your shiny shell dry. 

-Annemarie Dooling

BLOG IT OUT! How do you decorate your Easter eggs? We wanna hear your best ideas! 


4/8/2009 7:01:00 AM