CRAFT SPECIAL: Fab Recycled Capri Sun Bags

Want to go green AND glam this Earth Day? These cool bags – custom-created from good ol' Capri Sun juice boxes – make recycling look rad. Use it as a beach bag, a sleepover duffel or an everyday tote!

What You'll Need:

-About 20 Capri Sun juice boxes
-Needle (make sure it's strong enough to go through the boxes, we found denim needles work best)
-Thread (choose your fave color!)
-Material for straps/lining (give your old jeans a second life or use a pretty patterned shirt that you don't wear anymore)
-Scotch tape

What You'll Do:

Make two rows of three bags with the Capri Sun label facing down (use more or less, depending on how big you want your tote to be!) and tape together. Sew the bags and remove tape. Repeat for the other side. Stack two Capri Sun containers vertically to make the side panel. Tape and sew. Repeat for the other side. Measure out the width of the large side and stack Capri Sun boxes vertically to fit. Two Capri Sun boxes should do the trick (overlap more if needed!). Tape and sew.

Lining: Cut lining material of your choice a little larger (about and inch on each side) to the proportions of the base, panels and sides. You should now have five separate pieces. Sew all the pieces together, on the opposite side of the fabric. Flip inside out. Tape the Capri Sun box base to the base of the liner and sew. Repeat with all four sides. Sew straps on the inside of the bag. Remove any remaining tape.
Voila! You've got a cute new carryall and you helped save the planet!

Our tip: While you're sewing the liner on the bag, add pockets to keep all your warm-weather essentials – shades, SPF and cell phone, natch!


4/4/2009 7:00:00 AM