Enter to WIN a DIY lipstick kit!

Hey, crafty chicas! Love playing with makeup? Ever wish you had the tools to create your very own chic shades of lipstick? Now you can with Bramble Berry's DIY Lipstick Making Kit!
Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to make 20 tubes of your own lipstick...
A complete set of how-to's 
Directions for matte and sheer shades
4 oz. lipstick balm base to get ya started
1 oz. Passionfruit Rose flavoring to make your makeup smell oh-so-sweet
10+ colors to choose from
20 Chapstick tubes to put your pretty creations in
And everything else you need to make your own luxe lipsticks! 

Break it out at your next sleepover to share with other makeup mavens. Use it to make perf prezzies for your BFF, your sis or your mom  (hello, Mother's Day is coming up!). Or just have a blast creating and naming your very own shades (hmm...Hailey's Haute Hot Pink, anyone?).

THREE DIY divas will win this makeup kit. CLICK HERE to enter!
HURRY! Contest ends May 1! 
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4/8/2009 7:00:00 AM