Pocket Change

Have a pair of jeans that don’t fit? No need to give them to Goodwill. With just a few snips and caboodles, you can turn that ol' denim into a fab bag that you’ll never outgrow. Mix 'n' match diff materials for a totally unique look.

What You’ll Need:

Jeans with belt loops
Sewing pins
Pom-pom strings
D-rings (metals rings for the belt)
Fabric Glue

What You’ll Do:

1. Cut each leg off below the inseam of the jeans. (Put legs aside.)
2. Cut through the inseam so that your jeans now look like a mini-skirt.
3. Flip inside out, and line pom-pom strings facing in, then pin the bottom together.
4. Using a whip stitch, sew tightly together.
5. Flip the purse right side out so the pom-poms dangle along the bottom.
6. For the belt, cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around the waist with a 4-inch overlap.
7. Fold a tiny bit of ribbon over the flat end of the D-rings and sew.
8. Slide the ribbon through the belt loops so D-rings are lined-up in front of the zipper.
9. Sew the ribbon to the denim all the way around, stitching close to both edges of the ribbon but leaving the D-rings and 4-inch end ribbon loose.
10. Thread the end ribbon up and over through the D-rings, and tighten.
11. Cut two 7-inch pieces of ribbon.
12. Just inside the waistband, sew one length at the front button and one at the center back seam for tying your purse shut.
13. To make a strap, cut a 21-by-4-inch piece of jean from the pants leg.
14. Fold it in half, inside out.
15. Lengthwise, sew the upper sides together, then flip it inside out.
16. Iron with the seam in the middle.
17. Sew a piece of ribbon in the middle of the strap, over the seam.
18. Sew the strap onto each side of the purse, inside the waistline where your hips should be.
19. Glue buttons over the zipper area, and glue rick-rack along the front pockets.
20. Tie two pieces of ribbon into bows and tack to back pockets.

-Jillian DiPasquale


3/19/2009 7:00:00 AM