These DIY accessories are the perfect additions to your GUTS World Tour outfit

Olivia Rodrigo has been a style icon since her Bizaardvark and HSMTMTS days—and adding her signature style to your own closet is not a want, but a need.

As a self-proclaimed Livie, I've put together the ultimate guide to DIYing accessories that you can show off at the GUTS World Tour—from memory frames to her iconic tank top. Grab your crafting materials and get ready to turn can't be a bad idea right?

Memory frame

Do you get deja vu? You will after making this memory frame that will have you reminiscing on your amaze night at the GUTS World Tour.

What you'll need: a frame, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, photos and concert memorabilia (think: tickets, wristbands, friendship bracelets, photos, confetti, trading cards)

Directions: Paint your frame purple. Once it's dried, glue on some beads and rhinestones to add some flare to your frame. While the decorations are drying, grab all your favorite Olivia-related memorabilia. Arrange it however you want inside the frame and hang it on your wall.

Pro tip: Use Sticky Tack to keep everything in place inside the frame.

Tote bag

Make your own bag inspired by your fave GUTS song.

What you'll need: a tote bag, an embroidery needle, an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread and a pencil

Directions: Using a pencil, draw out your design. Next, pop your bag in an embroidery hoop. Starting from the outside line of your design, sew small neat stitches and go around until the shape is filled.

Pro tip: Print out your design and trace it onto the bag to ensure your drawing matches your vision.


Match Liv by recreating one of her iconic encore tanks (or even design your own!).

What you'll need: a T-shirt or tank top, fabric pens, rhinestones and fabric glue

Directions: Draw out your design with a pencil first (feel free to print it out and trace it so it's neat). Once you're happy with your design, grab your fabric pens and go over the pencil. Add a little sparkle with some rhinestones and fabric glue, and you're ready to go and match Liv.

Pro tip: Put an old book inside your top as you work. This holds the T-shirt still so your lines are sharper, and it stops the pens from bleeding through to the other side of your shirt.


Make the whole place shimmer by adding some rhinestones to your outfit.

What you'll need: something to add rhinestones to (a pursue, a denim/leather jacket, a jumpsuit), fabric glue, tweezers and rhinestones

Directions: Print out your design and lay it on whatever you're bedazzling. Trace your design with a pencil and then use acrylic paint to paint your design carefully. Once the paint is dried, put fabric glue on top and use tweezers to place your rhinestones.

Pro tip: To keep your design neat, place the rhinestones around the outside of your shape first and work inward.


The perfect way to match with your bestie? Friendship bracelets, ofc!

What you'll need: beads, elastic and scissors

Directions: Set out your beads, picking out the colors and letters you want. Grab your elastic and start threading the beads on. Tie off your bracelet when you're done.

Pro tip: Tie your bracelet using a surgeon's knot so it won't come undone.


Customize a cute pair of glasses with your favorite Olivia Rodrigo lyrics and symbols (think: butterflies, stars, hearts, music notes).

What you'll need: glasses, Mod Podge, beads and rhinestones

Directions: Lay out your design on your glasses. When you're happy with the look, start gluing the beads and rhinestones on with some tweezers and Mod Podge.

Pro tip: Take a pic of your design before you start gluing in case things fall out of place.

Phone case

Match your phone case with your outfit and make sure to take lots of pics of your GUTS World Tour experience!

What you'll need: a phone case, Mod Podge, beads and rhinestones

Directions: Lay out your design on a clear phone case, picking out the colors and beads you def want to use. (Be sure to take a pic before gluing so you remember what your design looks like!) Glue everything in place with the Mod Podge.

Pro tip: After the show, gather up some confetti to add to the inside of your phone case.


Don't forget about the shoes! Make sure your footwear matches the theme and goes with your outfit.

What you'll need: your comfiest shoes and beads

Directions: Undo your shoelaces to the second hole from the bottom. Thread the laces up again, sliding on your beads as you go.

Pro tip: Make sure your beads have big enough holes to fit your laces.

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Top and slider image: @oliviarodrigo


by Amy Skelton | 6/17/2024