How to make the perfect Galentine's goodie bags for your besties

Every year, Galentine's Day includes the same perfect formula: gals (ofc), pizza, rom-coms, chocolate and your cutest pink outfit (PJs or dresses = both fair game). And while we love that for you, who says that you have to stick to that formula every year? (This isn't math class, after all.)

Spice up your Galentine's Day party with a little gift for all of your fave gals—because they deserve a little spoiling. Here's the recipe to make the best goodie bag for each of your bestie gals...

Something sweet


It's Galentine's Day, so of course you have to include a sweet treat. We recommend including your bestie's fave candy plus something on theme. Chocolate hearts are just too cute to not include—but if your gal is not a chocolate lover, stick to the classic conversation hearts to remind them that they're a total cutie.

If you're looking for something more DIY, why not whip out those baking skills and make some at-home heart-themed cookies. (Try this recipe for the perfect heart-shaped sugar cookies that both taste and look amazing!) Get even more personalized by icing their initial in the center of each of your gals' cookie. Aww!

Something glam


Even though you might be relaxing on the couch with a slice of pizza, that doesn't mean glam still isn't the name of the game. (Plus, any excuse for squad makeovers? We're here for it.) But don't forget what day it is: Valentine's colors are always encouraged, from a baby pink nail polish to a magenta claw clip to a bold red lippie.

Something relaxing

These are definitely can't-miss items if your gal group spends the day in pink and red PJ sets. Try jade rollers, fluffy socks and face masks.

Now make it cute!

You have the cutie treats, but how do you make it look Instagrammable? 

Start with the base. We recommend a monochromatic (pink or red, ofc) gift bag—simple yet chic. Then, finish it off with a few final details that will certify it as the best goodie bag ever...

+ Tie a pink bow around the handles. (So coquette, right?)
+ Make it personal with a handwritten note—or a cute Polaroid of you with each gal. Then, tie it to the bag with another ribbon.
+ Stick a red or pink rose in the bag, letting it peek out the top. So aadorable!

Slider image: @brooklynandbailey
Top image: @charityjwalton


by Katherine Mahoney | 2/3/2024