How to curate the cutest crystal set up

Crystals are an indie girl's best friend!

And every indie girl *needs* the perfect crystal setup to help organize and recharge (all her quartz and citrine). Let's break down how to create the most soul-healing, vibration-increasing, aesthetically-pleasing crystal setup *ever*!

Selenite bowls, pls!


Selenite is a cleansing and charging crystal—a no-brainer to include in your crystal setup. While you can purchase selenite wands to get the job done just fine, we recommend glamming up your display with different decorative pieces of selenite: bowls, heart-shaped dishes, ring holders and planting pots!

Another fan-fave is the selenite chakra wand. They include small designs representing each of the seven main chakras where you can recharge crystals depending on what uses you have for them. Place your rose quartz on the heart charka before a date or recharge your citrine on the third eye chakra in prep for a huge test!

Cue the plants 


The plant moms out there will *love* this tip. Whether you decorate your setup with cutesy succulents, large ferns or plastic ivy vines, plants will elevate your setup to the next level. Bringing some divine nature into your crystal display will increase the good vibes in your space, resulting in a perf site for meditation and journaling. Stones (such as moss agate) can help you create a deeper connection with yourself and your plants too, letting your green thumb flourish! 

Minimalism, girlies! 


Crystal gals are usually as maximalist as you can get, but trust, minimalism is the way to go when crafting your crystal setup. Crystals come in all different shapes, colors and sizes, so it's important to create a connective feature to hold the display together. You can decorate with minimalist gold dishes or jewelry displays, or commit to light wood bowls and branches to lay your pendants across. Toss in a few candles in solid, light colors to maintain calm vibes all around the space. We are obsessed with keeping a stack of spiritually near our crystals as well (the covers are always super cute!). 

Give her some sun


By "her," we mean your gorgeous crystal display. Be it sunlight or moonbeams, your crystals will thrive under any form of natural light.

Pro tip: crystals love to chill under a full moon; it cleanses them of the past moon cycle's energy and recharges the crystals for your new intentions. Set up your selenite bowls and crystals near a window so they can soak up their Vitamin D!

High-vibration photographs 


Who doesn't love crafting up a vision board? We want your crystal set up to be vibing in the most positive atmosphere possible. To create this energy, add in picture frames containing happy memories when your vibes were ecstatic! You can also post polaroids of your favorite people (or pets!) or create a small vision board to hang above the setup. Gazing upon your crystals, plants and favorite photographs will be an instant mood-booster—the exact purpose of an affective and cute crystal setup. 

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by Cara Lamina | 4/14/2022