This Valentine's DIY will take you 5 minutes, trust


Valentine’s Day is almost here, but it’s not too late to make a last-minute gift for a special someone. After sorting through dozens of Valentine’s DIYs, we found one that takes only *five* minutes to make. Follow the directions below to make your own fab woven heart craft, the perfect present for your bestie or your bae.

What you’ll need

To make these lovely paper valentines from Fireflies and Mudpies, the first thing you’ll need is card stock paper, though construction paper could work. The video uses pink and red, but feel free to use whatever colors you’re drawn to.

You’ll also need scissors, buttons, tape, and glue—glue sticks, craft glue, or school glue should do the trick. If you have access to a printer, you can make things easier by printing out this template to cut along. No printer? Try tracing the template onto your paper with a marker.

How it’s done

Once you’ve got your template printed or traced, cut around the lines to make your half-heart shapes. Then, cut along the lines so that you have four slits in the bottom of each half.

The next part can be tricky at first, but a breeze once you’ve got it down. Weave together the cut slices of paper until you have a nice checkerboard pattern holding your heart together. Finally, secure the edges with tape or glue so the heart won’t fall apart.

Now comes the fun part: decorating the Valentine. Use your glue to stick buttons onto each square in the checkerboard pattern. After allowing time for the glue to dry, your heart should be ready for you to deliver!

Try a twist

  • If you want a more uniform-looking heart, use only one color of paper.
  • Have any beads or lace laying around? Glue them around your paper heart for a fancy border.
  • It wouldn’t be a Valentine without something sweet—try taping a lollipop or a chocolate candy to the back of the heart before gifting it.
  • To make your woven heart less flimsy, consider gluing an extra sheet of paper or cardboard to the side without buttons.
  • Share this article with a friend so you can make them together during your next Facetime sesh!

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Title Image: Fireflies And Mudpies


by Bailey Bujnosek | 2/11/2021