Why you need to start NYT journaling rn

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the news? Does *everything* seem hard to process? Are you looking for a creative outlet?

2020 has been a *crazy* year. From forest fires to a pandemic and an election, there are *so* many things to document, and TikTok gave us the *best* way : NYT journaling. 


Every week, I read + collage the Sunday issue of the @nytimess — here they are! ##collage ##nytimes ##news ##journal ##journalinspo ##art

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NYT journaling (also collaging) is an *amaze* way to build your own personal time capsule. You can flip through the pages, read the biggest headlines and find the good (and not so great things) that happened every week. Turn your newspaper into a collage!   


because my 1st vid of these collages blew up... here’s how i make them! // ##artjournal ##artbook ##collage ##nytimes ##journalinspo ##nyt ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - rad

Every Sunday, you can get a physical copy of the New York Times or a different newpaper of your choice. (You can even sign up for a weekly delivery service!). Set aside time to grab a cup of hot tea and read—you might be amazed at what you'll find. 

To get you started, you'll need a weekly copy of the NYT, a journal (like this one), a pair of scissors and glue. 


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After you're finished reading the paper, it's time to start collaging! Cut out your *fave* headlines, artwork, photos, phrases or poems that *really* stick out to you.

What's the most memorable? What moves you? What makes you want to read it again? 

Build your spread by going with the flow. Layer your pieces, draw doodles and write journal entries to reflect on every week. Record newsworthy events, save your memories and create a story from your own point of view. 

Throughout the pandemic and in the future, you'll be able to hold onto this time capsule as a *very* important phase in your life (and in the world). Not many people *really* read the paper anymore, so turn it into something meaningful, and turn 2020 into something beautiful. 

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by Allie Lijewski | 11/12/2020