What you *need* to know to become VSCO famous


So you want to go VSCO viral? We got you, girl. Fame may be much easier than you think—get ready to watch your republishes, favorites and followers skyrocket with these simple tips and tricks. 

Get inspired 

Before you get started, you gotta get inspired. This may seem basic, but the easiest way to do this is to just go on VSCO and take some mental notes about what kinds of pics you like and what kind you don't. Some of our personal *fave* inspo accounts are @fatmoodz, @girlfeed, @boujeevibez and @aestheticgoalss

VSCO/@boujeevibez, @girlfeed

Choose an aesthetic 

Consistency is key if you are trying to build a following. It doesn't matter what your aethetic is, as long as you stick to it! Can't decide? Seasons, relationships, indie, and street style are all super trendy rn. 

There is such a thing as toooooo many filters 

Filters can be the perf way to upgrade your pics, but it can be *so* easy to overuse them. Consider only putting your filter on half intensity and using features such as white balance and contrast to fine tune your photos instead. Don't feel discouraged if you don't get it right the first or second or even tenth time—practice makes perfect! 

Ditch (some of) the friend and fam pics

Photos that get the most activity on VSCO are the ones that girls can relate to and be inspired by—that means pics of yummy food, cool destinations and fab outfits often get much more activity than shots of your BFFs or your family. 

Go crazy with quotes 

Don't sleep on quotes! Whether it's a funny meme, an insporational message or a celeb slogan, quotes are a great way to get popular. 


Post often 

Once you start to have a following, it is *key* that you keep posting quality pics in order to keep growing ur viral VSCO account. If you don't have pics to post, no worries. Republishing is your best friend! Not only will it give your account more aesthetic content, but it can also be a great way to get noticed by larger accounts. 

Have you ever had a post go viral on VSCO? Tag us @girlslifemag on Twitter and let us know!

Slider image: @fatmoodz/VSCO


by Alexandra Karr | 10/20/2020