How to successfully pull off the trendy ghost photoshoot

Hannah Meloche/Instagram 

In need of a #spookyseason Instagram post to (pumpkin) spice up your feed this fall? We got you. The trending ghost photoshoot is *just* what you need in your life—and we have all the tips to pull it off. 

The supplies

Gathering the correct supplies is *key* to ghost photoshoot success. We recommend using white sheets if you are going for the classic look, but patterned sheets are an easy way to add a quirky pop of color. 

Don't forget accessories!

You can never go wrong with some fun sunglasses or a bold hat! Try mixing and matching with your BFFs to get a variety of shots. Don't be afraid to bring extras—you never know what could come in handy. 

Your shoes will be visable in the photos, so choose wisely! We think boots are the perfect way to add fall *flair*.

Location is key 

Location can make or break your photos—but don't worry, you've got options! Anywhere outside is a good choice, especially if fall foliage can be featured. Can't decide where to go? Try your backyard, an empty parking lot, or a local field. 

Edit, edit, edit!

Not quite satisfied with your photos? Adding a filter can always help to enhance the look. We recommend C5, A6 and G4 on VSCO for *all* the fall feels. If worst comes to worst, try black and white! Editing apps can be super intimidating with their abundance of filters and affects, but don't be afraid to play around until you find a combo that works for your pics. 

Choosing the perfect caption

So you have finally found the perfect photo—but now you have absolutely no idea what to caption it. If you are stuck, hashtags and emojis are an easy way to get started. Our personal fave ghost photoshoot caption is "TikTok made me do it," and was posted on Instagram by Lisa Fuhrmann

Will you be trying out the ghost photoshoot with your besties? Tag us @girlslifemag on Instagram to let us know!

Slider image: Brittany Merrill/Instagram 


by Alexandra Karr | 10/15/2020