Upcycle your old playing cards with these magical DIYs

Your letter from Hogwarts may not have arrived yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice a little magic at home. We’re of course talking about DIYs, which take everyday items like a pack of playing cards and transform them into all sorts of cool crafts. Ready to learn a new trick? Grab your (spare) card deck and follow along with these easy DIYs.

An upcycled notebook

Photo: Elizabeth A./Cut Out And Keep
For the gal who’s always doodling or jotting down her ideas, this portable notebook gives old cards a new purpose. Find out how to make it here.

A rustic lampshade

Photo: Lina Dresselhaus/Itsy Bits and Pieces
While there’s no step-by-step tutorial to make this lamp, found in the 2014 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House, it appears simple enough. Take a regular wide lampshade and paste playing cards on the outside with tape or fabric glue until you've covered the entire surface. Let dry and light up the room.

A quirky clock

Photo: Unknown/Pinterest
Because it’s always time for a magic trick! But seriously, this clock requires gluing cards to a wood palette in the configuration above, and putting a clock hand in the middle. It might not function like a real clock, but it’s a unique decoration.

A pocket photo album

Photo: Iina/Enjoy The Moment
For this craft, you’ll need a printer with color ink, printer paper, and some basic photo editing skills. Photoshop your fam’s pics into a blank card template, print and cut, and voila: the perfect pocket photo album.

A paper bouquet

Grab your hot glue gun and follow the tutorial to make a beautiful playing card flower. Once you’re up to five or more, arrange them like a bouquet and give them to your bestie or bae (or keep them for yourself).

A true work of he(art)

Photo: Brianna Michele Adams/Parties With A Cause
This fab heart art is worthy of the queen herself. Find out how to make your own here. This craft screams V-day present 2021, no?

A handmade bookmark

Photo: Instructables
Any bookworm is sure to love the thought and care you put into making one of these playing card bookmarks. 

The most thoughtful gifts are the ones you make yourself. Plus, as these DIYs demonstrate, there’s a lot you can do with an old card deck and a pair of scissors.

Title Image: Etsy/Sam's House of Crafts


by Bailey Bujnosek | 6/25/2020