DIY these pretty place cards for your Thanksgiving table

If your Thanksgiving dinner is basically a mega family reunion, figuring out who is going to sit where can be stressful...especially if you leave it up to your guests (aka you could easily get stuck between your two super-annoying cousins). Not only is setting out place cards practical and an easy way to make your Turkey Day run *much* smoother, they can also be a super chic addition to your table, like this shimmery leaf version. Follow the tutorial below, then place strategically before everyone arrives!

You'll need:

-  Dry leaves
- Gilding adhesive
- Gold leaf
- Metal leaf sealer
- White Sharpie or paint pen


1. Flatten your leaves (you can place them under a book and let sit for a few days to do this).

2. Brush on a thin layer of gilding adhesive and let dry for 15 minutes.

3. Apply gold leaf to the top of your leaf.

4. Apply thin layer of sealer on top of gold leaf.

5. Let dry, then write names (or other cute sayings/things you're thankful for) on the leaf with your Sharpie or paint pen. 

How many people are at *your* Thanksgiving meal? Tell us below! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 11/20/2019