GL CRAFTS: Beach Wrap

Who needs a bulky beach tote? Toss your bikini and a tube o’ sunscreen onto your towel—fold it, roll it and go!

What You Need:

*30-inch-by-60-inch beach towel
*3 yards of 1-inch wide ribbon

What You Do:

Cut ribbon in three pieces: one 28-inch and two 40-inch. Fold towel in half lengthwise, wrong side out. For shoulder strap, sew one end of the 28-inch ribbon to the towel’s hem 3 ½ inches from the edge, and the other end of the ribbon 3 ½ inches from the fold (tip: unfold before stitching so you don’t stitch through the other half of the towel!). Fold the remaining two pieces of ribbon in half, and sew the folded ends just inside of where you stitched the strap.

To use: Fold towel in half, right side out. Starting from the non-ribboned end and with the strap on the outside, roll the towel up. Wrap the loose ribbon around the roll, and tie ‘em in a bow.

-Debbie Chaillou

7/10/2008 10:56:00 AM