Ridiculously adorable things to do with pom-poms (and how to make them)

Pom-poms have this addictive quality to us. They’re cute, they’re colorful, they’re fuzzy. They’re sort of like inanimate pets you can cuddle as you make piles and piles of them. And they like adorable, no matter what you do with them. That’s a win-win (win-win-win?) in our book. Here are our favorite pinspired pom-pom crafts, and, of course, a step-by-step video to show you how to make them. Bring on a rainy day crafting sesh, Mother Nature!
Cute things to do with your piles of pom-poms...


And how to make them…

Note: There are probably a billion ways to make pom-poms, from the Clover Pom-Pom Maker (available at craft stores) to forks to cardboard circles. This way is the easiest, and all it requires is a skein of yarn and your hands. And scissors. Don’t forget the scissors.

  • pom-scarf.jpg

    Jazz up a boring scarf

    Whether you knitted the scarf, bought it at Goodwill or were gifted it during the holidays, a few quick stitches can make it a covetable item.

    Originally pinned by Craftsy

    Scarf pinned from Anthropologie

  • pom-pin.jpg

    Pop ‘em on a hair pin

    OK, so this image shows a chiffon pom-pom instead of a yarn one, but you could totally do it with the yarn for a cutesy vibe. Extra adorbs? Pair up your school's colors and wear 'em for spirit days and team psychs.

    Originally pinned by Jessica Minnick

    Bobbies pinned from


  • pom-pillow.jpg

    Perk up your throw pillows

    Give your bedroom a quick refresh by sewing a gaggle of pom-poms to an accent pillow. Another cute take? Try sewing or gluing poms to the fabric to create a squashy shape, like a heart, star or a letter.

    Originally pinned by Northern Cottage

    Pillows pinned from Styles by Dad
  • pom-keys.jpg

    Freshen up your key chain

    Spice up a boring metal ring with a spray of teeny pom-poms. We love this chain from Anthro, with its added charms and tassels.

    Originally pinned by Janet Sherman

    Key chain pinned from Anthropologie

  • pom-garland.jpg

    Deck the walls

    We couldn’t leave our own light bulb moment out, now could we? In our Dec/Jan ’13 issue, we showed ya how to make a pom-pom garland. We’re still digging the idea!


    Originally pinned by Girls’ Life

    Garland pinned from Girls’ Life’s Dec/Jan ’13 issue

  • pom-flower.jpg

    Stash in a vase

    If your green thumb is still in hibernation mode, try gluing poms on twigs and popping them in a vase, old-school soda bottle or Mason jar.

    Originally pinned by Bridal Musings

    Flowers pinned from A Subtle Revelry
  • pom-books.jpg

    Sweeten up a stack of books

    Your Harry Potter collection has been piled high on your desk for ages…mostly ‘cause you’re too lazy to put them on the shelf. Make the stack look so-on-purpose with fluffy bookmarks.

    Originally pinned by Seamless Creative

    Bookmarks pinned from Design Mom

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016