Crafty costumes: 6 ways to wear a sheet

Imagine this sitch: It’s Friday afternoon and—lucky you!—you’ve landed a last-minute invite to the biggest Halloween bash of the weekend. You’re psyched…’til you realize you don’t have anything to wear. For 10 bucks, you can buy a bed sheet (or borrow one from M&D). And then, let your imagination take the wheel! You could be…



Toga it up with a classic white twin-sized sheet. Wrap yourself up, crisscrossing over your chest and shoulders, ‘til you get a good-lookin’ gown. Then straighten your hair, go heavy on the eyeliner and add a few bold gold pieces of jewelry. Got a fake snake on hand? It’s the perfect prop!


Gypsy skirt

Grab a sheet in a jewel tone that you can take a pair of scissors to. Wrap it around your waist to create a skirt. Give yourself twice that length, and start pleating. Pin the pleats with safety pins, then sew them in by hand using a needle or a sewing machine. Use safety pins to secure the waste (or get slightly fancier with sew-on Velcro, buttons or hook-and-eye closers, and cover with a glitzy scarf. Add a blousy top and you’re set.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Take a leap back in time and morph into you’re very own superhero. Use fabric markers to draw your hero’s symbol on one side of the sheet, then tie it around your shoulders, cape-style. For the rest of your outfit, get creative in your closet. Jeans or leggings plus a bright tunic-length tee that you can jazz up with rhinestones and fabric paint will totally rock.


Little Red Riding Hood

Snag a scarlet sheet and, holding it length-wise, drape it over your head like a hood. You can trim the excess fabric or let if flow down. For a finishing touch, sew on a pretty red or complimentary ribbon to keep your cape on. Finish the look with braids, a pretty dress and a basket.


Mummy mania

Tear a white sheet into long strips. Ask a friend or sibling to help ya wrap up, then use powder, eye shadow and eyeliner, or face makeup, to make ya really look the part. Discreetly use safety pins to keep your wrappings together, and be sure to leave a few loose off of your arms and legs (but not long enough to trip over!).


Lady Liberty

When a blue, green or gray sheet is handy, it’s time to channel the Statue of Liberty! Now’s the perfect time to pull out your sparkly blue, green and gray makeup and go crazy. Accessorize with a tinfoil tiara and a torch crafted from cardboard. Optional? A beret…you know, to show your Frenchie roots!

How would you dress up a bed sheet, babes?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016