GL CRAFTS: General Plaid Regalia

Not to talk your ear off about all the old ladies I used to hang out with when I was a kid, but there was one in particular, Mrs. Copeland, the wife of a retired general who served in World War II. Mrs. Copeland always had dainty shoe clips gracing the toes of her shoes. They were very proper in pearls and rhinestones, swirling shapes, bows, and flowers. Shoe clips make your shoes eye-catching and help your outfit look pulled together. This particular shoe clip also makes me think of a general’s medal because of the starlike shape. Officially cute, I must say. --Sonya Nimri, Just For The Frill Of It





1. Cut eight pieces of silk with your pinking shears, each measuring 1 × 3 inches.

2. Pull some threads out from the ends of each piece to create ragged edges, then apply Fray Check to your ends.

3. Overlap four pieces in a star shape and sew a point in the middle to secure.



4. Cut the ribbon in half. Take one half and fold it into six loops, then sew to the middle of the silk star.


5. Sew a button to the center to cover all the intersections.

6. Hot-glue everything to a little scrap of felt or leather.

7. Hot-glue the felt or leather to the shoe clip.

8. Repeat steps 3–7 for the other shoe.


Make your star with scrap pieces of ribbon instead of silk, and glue an old rock concert pin to the center instead of a button




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