Love Ya, Mom: DIY Gifts She'll Totally Heart

Wanna get a jumpstart on prezzies for your number one gal for Mother’s Day?
GL’s got super cute and easy DIYs just for Mama. Follow our to-dos to craft up a special surprise. 
Coffee Sugar Scrub

Treat your mom to this all natural, homemade face and body scrub. You probably already have everything you need in the kitchen! Honey and olive oil naturally soften skin, and sugar and coffee grinds exfoliate to get rid of that winter dryness. Plus, the caffeine tightens skin so it looks it’s most fresh!

What You’ll Need
A glass jar with a secure top (the size is up to you)
Used Coffee Grinds (you can fresh too, but they’ll a little softer when they’re used)
Olive Oil
Granulated Sugar
A pretty ribbon

What You’ll Do
1 Pour equal parts coffee and sugar into the jar.
2 Pour equal parts honey and olive oil into the jar and mix.
3 Feel free to start small with the amounts and experiment until you get a consistency you like.
4 Tie a pretty ribbon around the jar. Attach a “To, From” tag if want, and surprise mom!
Fleece Blanket

Your mom will love this super soft gift for years to come. Pick some fabric in her favorite color and a pattern that suits her personality for a one of a kind gift. She’ll think of you every time she cozies up!

What You’ll Need
Two large pieces (1.5-2 yards each) of fleece, 1 piece printed, 1 patterned
Sharp Scissors
A large space to work

What You’ll Do
1 Clear a workspace.
2 Lay the fabric out flat, one piece on top of the other.
3 Trim up the edges so they’re even and straight.
4 Pick a side and make a cut about three inches in and about three inches long.
5 Switch to the other side and make the same cut, so you cut out a 3x3 inch square.
6 Do this for all four corners.
7 Start from the edge and cut a three inch long slit about one inch apart around all four sides.
8 Tie each little flap in a knot, being sure to include both pieces of fleece.
9 Continue around all four sides until you have a fun knotted fringe!

Picture Perfect Keychain

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and no one loves them more than moms! This simple and timeless gift comes straight from the heart and is totally customizable. You can even scan the pictures to change them to black and white or add cool effects.

What You’ll Need
A small picture of you and your mom
A small piece of cardboard
Modge podge, sparkly if you want
A GL magazine
Lamination paper
Super glue
Safety pin, or something sharp to poke a hole with
A key chain ring
What You’ll Do
1 Cut the cardboard into a rectangular shape, a little larger than your photo. Using the paintbrush, apply modge podge to cardboard and attach photo. Add modge podge on top of the photo to make sure its attached. Let dry.
2 Cut out some cute words or pics from a GL mag, L-O-V-E Y-A M-O-M.
3 Once the modge podge is dry, flip the cardboard over and use the same technique to collage your cut out pieces onto the back of the cardboard. Let dry.
4 Measure the size of your cardboard. Cut two rectangles from a sheet of lamination paper. One should be a little bigger than the size of your cardboard, and the other should be the exact same size as the cardboard.
5 Starting with the side of the cardboard with the photo, carefully apply one of the lamination rectangles, making sure to press smoothly across.
6 Flip cardboard over. Fold the extra lamination paper neatly over onto the back. Outline the back of the cardboard with super glue. Apply the smaller piece of lamination paper.
7 Pierce a hole in your keychain near one of the edges. Slide the key ring through the hole.

By: Gabrielle Martin & Melissa Harans


3/17/2010 7:00:00 AM