"Just because" ideas for every love language

Ever find yourself ooh-la-la-ing and struggling to express all those warm 'n' fuzzy feelings? While everyone has a different love language, we can all do things for our bae...just because. Trust us, these little acts of love make *all* the difference in your relationship. With each personalized "just because" idea, your S.O. might just be in lo-lo-lo-lo-love. 

Words of affirmation

If you're big on love letters and sweet whispers (we're blushing already), it's time to channel your inner Lara Jean Covey. For words of affirmation, a simple "just because" idea is to write Post-it notes for your bae. Whether it's a declaration of what you love about them or a cute "good luck" reminder, your open heart is sure to make your lovebird smile. 


We're not saying to drop hundreds on an elaborate gift, bc sometimes the most special gifts are the smallest ones. If you find yourself most excited when you're creating something for others, try baking a small batch of cookies or picking out a flower you find on the sidewalk for your S.O. These acts show how much you care for them, especially in those daily moments. Yep, heart-eyes all around.

Acts of service

For all the girlies out there with a heart of gold, your acts of service can be anything from dropping off some delish soup when they're sick or picking up their fave coffee order before school. If not already, your bae will be crushin' *extra* bc of your generous nature. Lovebird of the year goes to...?

Physical touch

If you're always the person wanting some cuddly time, your "just because" ideas can be anything from playing with their hair to going in for a surprise hug from behind. Maybe you find yourself kissing their forehead or tracing letters on their hand. Or, maybe you squeeze their hand a couple times on a ~romantic~ beach walk. Whatever it may be, get ready for butterflies *and* goosebumps. 

Quality time

Can't get enough of your ride-or-die? Maybe you find yourself missing them every so often when it's been too long. If you love quality time, remember that not every moment you're together has to be a planned date. Even if it's just briefly stopping by their house, taking advantage of that extra long break during school or random Facetimes throughout the day, there are *many* ways to maximize your time with them. 

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by Anne Chen | 5/15/2024