The cutest virtual date ideas for long-distance relationships

Just because bae goes to a different school doesn't mean you can't have fun together until you see each other again IRL!

Long-distance relationships can be tough, especially if you or your bae's love language is quality time. But before you fall into despair over how long it will be until you're reunited, think about all the great ways to connect with your partner that don't require being in the same zip code!

Planning fun things to do with your partner over FaceTime or Google Meet instead of random chatting whenever you have time will help keep the spark alive. (Not to mention that it will show bae you're still thinking about them and prioritizing time together even while they're away!) 

Here are some go-to virtual date faves that will get you and your S.O. laughing and having fun, even from miles away...

1. Make dinner together

Do you and bae have the same fave foods? Finding a meal that both of you think looks yum and making it over FaceTime together is a great way to bond! You can compare cooking skills and help each other master the recipe. Also, if you have a fave you've been trying to get your partner to love, you can each give one another a recipe you heart so they can try it for the first time.


2. Order dinners for each other

If you're not confident in your or your partner's cooking skills, another cool way to bond is to DoorDash each other surprise dinners! This way you get to spoil them with your fave comfort food and sweet treat and peep their reaction on FaceTime. Bonus points if you send them a cute Evite or Bitmoji to ask them to dinner. This is perfect for celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday together (or just a cute way to end a typical week!).

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3. Send and unbox care packages

Another cute way to connect with bae when you're apart is to send each other cute care packages to open together on FaceTime. You can decide on a theme together: everything they need to watch a movie together or everything they need for a self-care spa night. Some cute, personalized things to add on top? A handwritten note, one of your hoodies or sweatshirts and a collage of cute couple pics.


4. Watch a movie together

When you and bae are both booked and busy and need a more spontaneous activity, try Teleparty to watch a movie together! You can share the Teleparty link with each other and keep Google Meet running so you can watch each other's reactions. For some real romantic vibes, you can play each other's fave rom-coms or psychoanalyze couples on reality dating shows. 

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5. Play a virtual escape room or another game

Interactive virtual date night? Count us in. Enter: the virtual escape room. There's a huge range of free activities with tons of different themes, including a Hogwarts gameMinecraft game and an Aquarium mystery. If you're looking to splurge, you can also join a live Zoom room from companies like Puzzle Break and The Escape Game. You can also pick your fave online game and share your screen on Google Meet to play together. 

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6. Answer The New York Times love questions

If you're in your feels missing them, a good way to have a deep convo is to answer The New York Times's 36 questions that lead to love. This is also a great way to end a call after you've already watched a movie or played a game together. These Q's are sure to bring both of you closer.


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by Madelyn Willoughby | 11/9/2023