5 ways to turn your class crush into your summer bae

While everyone’s excited for summer days full of swimming and sleeping in, you’re dreading the last day of school. You’ve been crushing on that cutie in your science class all year and you've got the feeling that he’s *this* close to asking you out! If only you had more time to seal the deal...

Well, summer could be make or break for your budding romance, so here’s some tips on taking it from a classmate crush to a summer fling.

Evaluate the relationship
Is this really going somewhere, or are you just blinded by his smile and his jokes about your Chemistry teacher? Think about what he’s like outside of class. Do you have things in common? Will you have anything to talk about once school ends? If he’s still the one for you, then go for it!

Stay connected
If you’re not already best friends on Snapchat, here’s the perfect opportunity to keep in touch all summer. He’s been telling you about his new puppy for weeks now, so drop the hint that you’d love to get Snaps of little Buster. Like his pics on Instagram, reply to his funny tweets about his little bro and make sure to like that hilarious viral video he just shared on Facebook. Once the two of you become social media BFFs, it’ll be much easier to snag his number and set up a time to chill IRL.

Get friendly
If you’re too shy to move directly into one-on-one hanging, then find ways to bring your gals and his crew together. Whether it’s planning a poolside picnic or having a movie night, group settings can ease any awkwardness you may be feeling. Plus, maybe your group will hit it off with his friends! #doubledate

Find out what he’s into
Is he a jock or are you more likely to run into him at the library? Figure out his hobbies and the places he likes to spend time. If he’s a cinema buff, ask him to check out the latest summer blockbuster with you. If he feels more at home on the basketball court, bring your besties and cheer him on at his game, or even challenge him to a one-on-one match. 

Drop hints
Even if the two of you hang out all summer, you may never move beyond being pals if he doesn’t know you’re into him. Avoid getting put in the friend zone by dropping hints that you like him and want to be more than friends.

Hoping to turn your class crush into your bae? Let us hear all about him in the comments below!

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by Maddie McGee | 6/7/2017