This is how to have the ultimate picnic date with bae

With the weather warming up, *now* is the perfect opportunity to grab your boo and head outside for a Pinterest-worthy picnic. There are few things more romantic than sitting side-by-side with your guy or girl, laughing and enjoying the sunset while you munch on delish treats. With that in mind, we’ve provided some tips so you can achieve the ultimate picnic date that’ll have you wishing you could have warm weather all year round.

Fave food.
The most important element of your picnic is fabulous food. Ask your cutie what their fave snacks and treats are (if you don’t already know). Make sure to pack enough food for the two of you plus any extras in case you get hungry again. If you don’t want to make the food yourself, you can always grab pre-made goodies at the grocery store or even order take-out for the date. 

Awe-inspiring ambiance.
Take your picnic to the next level by scattering flameless candles or twinkle lights. These will set the mood and provide a little extra light when the sun goes down. *So* romantic.

Cozy comforter.
What’s better than an ordinary blanket? A fluffy comforter. Instead of opting for that old sheet in your rag pile, grab a comforter you outgrew or accidentally stained with nail polish (sorry, Mom!). Comforters have more material and will provide a comfortable surface when you’re sitting on the ground with your cutie. 

Plush pillows.
You'll basically want to include anything that will ensure you two are as comfy as possible. Grab some cute pillows and pile them on your comforter to sit on or lean on while you’re munchin’ on chips and dip. They’re practical, but also *super* adorable. 

Must-have music.
Don’t sit in silence! Bring a portable speaker to connect to your phone and put on the perfect playlist. You and your boo can even spend time compiling the playlist together so that there are songs both of you enjoy.

Lovely location.
Location is everything. Scout out some potential perfect picnic spots by looking for the best view. Beautiful scenery will give the two of you something to look while simultaneously setting the romantic mood. You can try setting up your picnic in the middle of the park, on a local beach, a dock by the water or on a rooftop. But just remember: Always be safe and never go anywhere you feel scared or are not allowed.

Terrific timing.
This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Check a weather app or website to find out the exact time of sunset (and while you're at it, make sure it's not raining). Plan your picnic an hour before sunset so you can watch as the sky melts into the color of a creamsicle.

Have you gone on a picnic date? What did you do to make it *super* special? Tell us in the comments!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 5/21/2018