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EXCLUSIVE! The cast of The Baby-Sitters Club invite us to an *official* club meeting where they dish on fame, fashion, babysitting horror stories and their ginormous future dreams.

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Hey, where’s Kristy?! COVID-19 travel advisories kept Florida-based Sophie Grace, who plays Kristy, from joining our girl squad on the West Coast—and her co-stars (and BFFs) were missing her lots. Us, too! Be sure to catch Sophie on @girlslifemag IGTV as part of our #GLMusicTakeover.



It's our fall fashion issue—Yes, We're getting dressed again!
Snuggle up to floaty skirts, super soft sweaters and day dresses that are the definition of easy. Can you be comfy all day *and* still look cute? You bet. 

Super pretty makeup (that actually works with a mask)
Start with the seriously obvious here, but when you are wearing a mask correctly (and you are, right?) all anyone sees is the top half of your face. Cue the perfect excuse to bust out some *major* eye looks. "It's important to do what you feel good about during these times—and makeup can be the perfect pick-me-up", explains celebrity makeup artist Sarah Nelson, who created the *best* bold looks for the szn. 

5 low-key signs your relationship is real
In case you don't want to wait until they scream "I LOVE YOU" across the caf...check out some of our tips to know just how legit your relationship is.  

Step up + take a stand
The 2020 election is the biggest election of our lives. On Nov. 3, we get to determine our next president, and teens across the country share why this election matters more than ever—and how *you* can still get involved.  Plus, why the voting age should be lowered to 16 and why representation is *so* important.

The snuggle is real: All the cozy vibes inside
Your bedroom is tasked with a lot of things: sleeping spot, hangout zone, dressing room and study area, which is a lot of pressure to put on your place. You deserve to make your favorite room in the house extra chill. 

My besties taught me everything!
From busting stress to being confident, GL girls are blessed with besties who've doled out A+ lessons you won't find in the classroom. Toss aside your pencil, ditch the spiral notebook and study up on these awesome life secrets. 

We need to talk about colorism. 
In the wake of social change, Kheris Rogers, 14, sheds light on the dark issue of colorism—and shares how the Black Lives Matter movement has strengthened her confidence in her complexion. 

Is *everyone* a liar?
These days, the truth matters more than ever. And sure, its *usually* OK to tell a little white lie here or there, especially to protect a pal from unnecesary hurt. So what's the problem? Lies can spiral out of control and lead to a lot of shame (or even endanger your health). We've got some info on why we fib—and more importantly, how to limit our lies. 

QUIZ! Do you need to be you?
Your heart sinks anytime you get less than an A+ on a pop quiz and you're positive your crush isn't into you. Are you bein unkind to...yourself? When it comes to how to treat yourself, find out if you're your own harshest critic. 

So you need a bra...and you have *a lot* of questions. 
If you've made the decision to wear one, we've got the ultimate guide to finding the right bra for any outfit, taking care of them and finding the comfiest fit. Boobs, get ready to live your best life.

How to be a super chill human, even when you're crushing hard
You reread their texts a million times, plot how to "accidentally" bump into them at the cofee shop (um, where they work) and check their stories every moment for updates. That isn't weird...right? We've got the best tips on how to stay balanced, even when you're head over heels. 

Shhhhh, we're all a little Scorpio
Scorpios get a bad rap for being the most secretive and intense sign. But a little drama might be just what you need this season...(oh, and we've got the best Halloween costume for your sign, ofc).

You vs. 2020
Just 10 months ago, back in The Before Times, when we were all planning our New Year's Eve outfits and sharing our glow-up goals for the new decade, none of us could have imagined what 2020 would have in store for us. Given all that's happened, it's pretty easy to overlook the fact that the world has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation. And if that dizzying change has taken a toll on your mental health lately, know that you are not alone. 

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
Mille Bobby Brown dishes on her new flick Enola Holmes (out Sept. 23 on Netflix). ​​​​​​Miya Cech tells us how to speak your truth, Madison Reyes has the deets on Julie and the Phantoms and Issac Ryan Brown is the *ultimate* BGF. Plus: Blackpink, The Mandalorian, MAX and more!

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

😷Banish Maskne
Yep, maskne (acne you get from wearing a mask) is a thing. All the sweat and natural oils from your skin get trapped with bacteria, and when mixed with irritation can lead to pimples, redness and dryness. Worry not! We've got your fix. 

💔Breakup survival guide
Time with bae went from blissful to busted? Smart steps to getting over them for good. 

📚 QUIZ! What's your secret learning style?
Are you a show-me student or more of a listen-and-learn girl? Knowing how your brain works best is the easiest way to an A. 

🥛Got mylk?
Nondairy drinks are coming for your cereal bowl. Cow's milk, it's time to mooooooove over (sorry, had to).

📱Genius names for your group chat
Whether the group is for school stuff, your fam or your ride or dies—we've got the ultimate guide to naming your gc. 

🎥 "How I went from activist to actress"
When she was just 18, Nicole Maines was the anonymous plaintiff in a landmark Maine Supreme Judicial Court case that won young transgender students the right to use the bathroom of their choice at school. Now, Nicole is a successful actress, and her career has taken her activism to a whole new level. 

+ Fall's 11 prettiest looks
Dear Carol on how to deal with sister struggles
+ How to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship
+ Cardio feeling hardio? You *need* this new workout in your life
+ The newbie's guide to...leveling up your last game
+ The best mask-wearing, ear-saving hair hack
+ Awkward Halloween moments

*All* the fun and freebies
...and more!



We've got *everything* you need to read this pumpkin spice season. Win all our page-turning picks right HERE.

Website mentions in October/November 2020...
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PAGE 59: GL's Back-to-School Music Takeover
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