You Wrote It

You'll heart this: An original poem about the Monday blues

This original poem by GL reader Steph is seriously on point! See for yourself.
There's a ringing in my head,
I'm as tired as can be,
I trudge out of bed,
Oh, what it's like to be me.
Heading to the closet,
I stumble on the way,
I get my outfit out,
To ready for the day.
In my cluttered little loft,
I look at my bed,
All cozy and soft,
I want to just rest my head.
Reluctantly, still a bit sore,
To the bus stop I go,
Passing through the door,
Out in the rain, sun or snow.

I think to myself,
'Schools almost done,'
But I notice it's Monday,
And the week's just begun.
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by GL Reader | 2/12/2018