You Wrote It

Check out this girl's relatable story about bullying, braces and the search for confidence!

I'm running. Running once more from the person I dislike most. Jane Wadlington. “Look at braceface running away like a little baby.” She taunted. Braceface. Ever since I got my braces, that was her annoying nickname for me. My braces were painful, colorless and so big that they stuck out of my mouth forcing me to keep it open at all times. I live in an orphanage. My caretaker didn’t want to get me the expensive ones that actually looked good, so I had to live with the cheap ones. I slowed down, and went into the bathroom to catch my breath. I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a girl. A girl with tangled brown hair, and ripped up clothes. A girl that is poor in money, but rich in heart. A girl that is ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. “Looks aren’t everything.” I said outloud. I said this several times. Until every inch of my body believed it. I didn’t notice that Jane had come in.

“Actually, to correct you, looks are everything,” Jane sneered loudly. “Just look at us for example. You're ugly and poor, so you get teased and have no friends. I am beautiful and rich. So I have swarms of friends, a happy life, and a family.” I grimaced at the last part. My parents disappeared 12 years ago when I was only 3.

“That's right braceface.” Jane growled a little softer now, but with the same evil tone. “I have a nice family. They actually love me. You're just a parentless weirdo that will never ever fit in.“ My cheeks got hot. I clenched my fist, and gritted my teeth. I was going to give her what I had been holding in since the first day I met her. This was the last straw.

Then I thought of my mom and dad. They wouldn’t have wanted me to break down. They would want me to relax and do something good in a bad situation. I used all the peace in my body to put a sincere smile on my face. She flipped her long blond hair, and scowled at me.

“How are you smiling at a time like this.” She spat. I stroked my hair behind my ear. “You know, Jane, I would really like to be friends with you. Don’t take your anger out on me,” I calmly said. I gave her a quick, friendly hug, then walked out of the door confidently. I was proud of what I had done. Jane came walked out of the bathroom after me, stunned.

“You...I...we...FRIENDS!?” She shrilled. I walked to my next class. Little did I know that the decision I was going to make in less than an hour would affect the rest of my life.

by GL Reader | 8/23/2018
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