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How to host a reading party

Calling all book lovers! We just made your Saturday night plans, and it's time to throw a reading party. A reading party is a chill hang sesh where you and your besties all get together and read. Not only does it make for some super cute Insta pics—it's also a great way to hang out without a ton of pressure to find an activity to do. Ready to show off your hosting skills? Look no further for our top tips.


Wear your comfiest clothes

The first step to a successful reading party is getting cozy—and your outfit is a *huge* part of that. So when it comes to the dress code, comfort is key. Maybe you'll rock your cute new matching sweatsuit set, or you'll put a slumber-party spin on your reading party by wearing your warmest pair of pajamas (don't forget the smiley-face slippers, ofc). Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you feel comfortable in.


Set the perfect mood with lighting

Lighting is another great way to cultivate those relaxing reading vibes. You might choose to light some candles (your favorite cinnamon-and-vanilla scent is calling your name). Or, if you or your besties are more accident-prone, you can always stay on the safer side and use battery-operated alternatives. From fairy lights and string lights to lamps and even battery-operated candles, the possibilities are endless. After all, you've gotta add to the aesthetic— and not miss a word of your current read in the process.


Serve cozy hot drinks

If you and your besties are coffee, tea or hot cocoa people, you can add to the aesthetic by serving up some warm drinks. Perfect for sipping while you read or pause to listen to your friends' commentary, a hot beverage adds that *extra* reader aesthetic. What better combo than books, besties and beverages? Put out some cute mugs to let your friends choose from and any additional flourishes— marshmallows, anyone?— and enjoy your cup of cozy.


Turn on a book-to-movie adaptation

What better time to enjoy your fave book-turned-movie than while reading with your besties? Whether it's a Hunger Games marathon (split the room between Team Peeta and Team Gale, obv) or a retelling of classic literature, having a movie play is the perfect background noise for a reading party...and it gives you moments to fangirl over together. It can also be a nice reading break to watch an iconic moment you all love.

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by Ally Coy and Samara Smukler | 3/10/2023