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Hey Minecraft fans! This fast-paced read is for you

YouTuber StacyPlays, who is a *total* boss at Minecraft (and making amaze videos giving insight into the game) is the author of Wild Rescuers, a Minecraft-inspired adventure series about a girl raised by wolves. We loved the first three installments, so we couldn't be more excited to read the fourth (and final, *sheds tear*) book,Wild Rescuers: Sentinels in the Deep Ocean (buy it right here!)

What can you expect in this next series shocker? We've got the deep-in-the-ocean deets...

#1: Stacy and her pack are back—and their newest journey is taking them to farther lands than ever before. 

Our main character, Stacy, was raised by wolves—and she'd do anything to protect her pack. That means taking on the fiercest challenges and scariest animal rescues, from the icy tundra to the dry desert.

Now Stacy and her wolf squad face their biggest challenge yet—a wild adventure that will take them across biomes all the way to the most distant reaches of their world. 

#2: A secret diary plays a *major* role in the heart-pounding drama.

Though Stacy's discovered the origin story of the pack that raised her, she comes across a mysterious diary, one that holds secrets that could help write the story of Stacy's past—and determine her future. But decoding its messages won't be so easy….

#3: In the depths of the ocean, everything can change. 

The growing intensity of Wild Rescuers finally brings us to the ocean—and to the edge of Stacy's world. There, Stacy and the wolves just might discover a secret that will rewrite history and reset the course of their lives. Want to know what the ocean is hiding? You'll have to read the shocking conclusion to the series to find out!

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by Katherine Hammer | 2/24/2021