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You watched the TV show—now read the book!

Dying for another episode of Pretty Little Liars? Devastated Anne with an E was canceled?

We totally feel you, and even though we can't snap our fingers and *poof* up a new season—believe us, we tried—we do have a Plan B. (B for book—get it?) Check out the original storylines behind your favorite shows and fall in love with them *all* over again!

Pretty Little Liars

image: @meineliebstenbuecher

Before Hannah, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Ali were on screen, Pretty Little Liars was a YA best-selling thriller written by Sara Shepard. The book and show start out on the same page (no pun indended), but the show rapidly deviates from the series. Season 7 and the finale of the series have different endings, so you can read *and* watch, then pick which conclusion for the Liars you like the best. 

13 Reasons Why

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The show that sparked heatedly-mixed reviews was just as controversial as the book, which has even become the target of censorship in some locations. I am in agreement with Jay Asher, the author, and think that hushing up these issues only makes it more of a problem. The book is just as haunting and uncomfortable as the show, but it is definitely an important book to read and discuss.

The Baby-Sitter's Club

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Okay, it would literally be criminal to write this article without mentioning TBC. We love how the show stays true to the girls' personalities and spirit of the book! However, there are a few changes, due in part to the huge jump in time (the books take place during the 1980s and the show during 2020). Nevertheless, both are classics and will be for years to come. 

Anne of Green Gables

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If you're like me and sobbed over the news that Anne with an E was going to be canceled, you'll find solace in Anne Shirley's original journey in Anne of Green Gables. Bonus—Montgomery's series takes readers through Anne's whole life and even the lives of her children. No more wondering what could have been—we know for sure! 

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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The Baudelaire siblings can't catch a break, on screen and in print! Follow their adventures from The Bad Beginning to The End, narrated by the elusive Lemony Snicket. Strange circumstances, over the top villians and plenty of twists and turns along the way—both the show and books are the perfect blend of dark *and* comedy.

The Perfectionists

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Look familiar? The Perfectionists, though it was canceled after one season, was a spin off of Pretty Little Liars. The show and book are completely different, though. The show featured Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal in new adventures in striving for perfection—and the murder that occurs because of it. The original book series has nothing to do with the Liars. Instead, it follows the stories of five ambitious—and completely different—girls that realize they have a common enemy, and decide to get revenge. 

Which version do you like better, the show or the book? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!


by Elina Graham | 2/4/2021