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The Baby-sitters Club: Jessi's Secret LanguageTHE BOOK CLUB AT-A-GLANCE
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Our latest Bestie Book Club pick, The Baby-sitters Club: Jessi's Secret Language adapted by Chan Chau, is the friendship-filled graphic novel you need in your collection. In addition to the OG crew you know and love (and the amaze illustrations on every page), Jessi's Secret Language brings back an important BSC message: showing up for the people you heart. This fresh spin on a classic has *all* your Netflix series faves and is guaranteed to be your next BFF book rec.

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After moving to Stoneybrook with her fam, Jessi Ramsey becomes a junior officer in the Baby-sitters Club. When she realizes she can't communicate with Matt, one of her charges, she decides to learn sign language. And when an opportunity arises to make an upcoming dance recital more inclusive for the Deaf community, Jessi takes the lead.

She's super psyched to see so many people on board with her initiative, but with the added pressure of her own performance, Jessi's not so sure she can pull it off. Enter: The Baby-sitters Club gals. With her crew by her side, Jessi knows she has what it takes to step up for Matt. Because with the BSC? There's nothing Jessi can't accomplish. 

What are you waiting for? Read The Baby-sitters Club: Jessi's Secret Language adapted by Chan Chau now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love The Baby-sitters Club: Jessi's Secret Language? Read on! Meet Joy, KelseyLexi, Paizley, Shelia'Celine and Tatum. These ~fabulous~ GL girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Q's about our November book pick!

Joy @joytuckofficial

Pick two words to describe Jessi's Secret Language: "Thoughtful and eye-opening. I loved following along as Jessi prepped for her performance—and there were even a few silly moments along the way."
What did you love most about it? "This book taught me how important it is to look out for others. Jessi inspires major change in her community and makes Stoneybrook a better place for Matt. I love how outspoken she is."
How would you rate this read? "Five stars, for sure! I love the Baby-sitters Club. This is the perfect book to recommend to your BFF."

Paizley @paizley_steven

The BSC is a tight-knit crew. How do you show up for your squad? "I check in with my besties on the reg and make plans for us to get together. Above all, I just try to be there and listen."
When was a time you stepped outside of your comfort zone? "I love to sing, but performing in front of an audience makes me really nervous. I'm working on getting more comfortable in my own skin so I can perform for others one day."
What qualities do you look for in a BFF? "Loyalty is a big one. A good friend shows up even when it's not so convenient for them."

Shelia'Celine @sheliaceline

What do you heart most about this series? "The kind message of the Baby-sitters Club. I just love how they support each other in good times and bad."
If you were in the BSC, how would you show up for your community? "By attending events and working to keep my town clean."
What makes you a good friend? "I always uplift my BFFs with good advice. And I *love* having silly moments with my crew. Being able to laugh with your besties? So important." 

Kelsey @kelseykays_

In the days leading up to her dance recital, Jessi admits to feeling super scared. Have you ever been nervous for a performance? "Definitely. It can be hard to shake off those nerves, but you just have to try your best and remember to have fun."
What was your fave moment from the book? "The moment where Jessi discovers how many of her friends want to learn sign language is so cool."
How would you describe Jessi as a babysitter? "Hardworking. She wants to be there for Matt, so she finds a way to connect with him. I totally take inspiration from her determined attitude."

Lexi @lexi_janicek

Do you and your bestie ever swap book recs? "Yes, all the time. Seeing what books your BFFs are into is such a fun way to find new reads."
Which member of the BSC do you relate to most? "Mallory. She's a really fierce friend. But of course I'm *obsessed* with Claudia's wardrobe."
How did you feel when Katie Beth and Jessi made up? "I can understand why Katie Beth would want the lead in the dance recital, but you have to be supportive when your teammates shine. I was relieved to see a happy ending!"

Tatum @tatumbradyofficial

Jessi and Mallory become insta-BFFs after Jessi moves to Stoneybrook. Who from the BSC would be your bestie? "Jessi! I found her story super inspiring. She's so kind and always willing to lend a helping hand, which is what friendship is all about."
Which do you prefer: The OG series or the all new graphic novels? "Tbh, I'm really loving these illustrations. Of course I'm a fan of the original books, but these new reads are a great way to revisit the classics."
Would you join the Baby-sitters Club? "Is it even a question? Of course! #BSC4Ever!"

Loving the feel-good friendship vibes?
These songs are a must-listen at your next squad sleepover.


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+ SOLO. Take out your journal and answer any of our reader response prompts based on Jessi's Secret Language: How do you show up for your squad? When was a time you stepped outside of your comfort zone? How did you feel afterward? What qualities do you look for in a BFF?  If you could be a member of the Baby-sitters Club, how would you show up for your community? 
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by GL | 11/11/2022