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Recap of The Hills

Lauren and Whitney are headed back to the big apple Men’s New York fashion week and Whitney has a potential hottie to meet up with. AND he’s an underwear model. Haha! I can’t believe Whit and LC’s boss made that crack about her best friend seeing her boyfriend in his underwear. I love watching the girls backstage in action and the end result when the men hit the catwalk. HOT! Some of those boys were seriously fierce.
There are lots of hot Australian boys that show up on the Hills. And what the heck is Whitney doing chatting up the singer of that band when Alex is sitting there watching her. He looks all sad puppy dog faced.   Poor guy. When did she turn into such a playa?! We never hear about Whitney and boy drama. Personally I think her boy Alex is much cuter, Aussie accent aside. No American boy can compete with the accent.

Can you believe Spencer actually went up to Heidi’s ex boss and tried talking to him? Things got uncomfortable in about .2 seconds. Brent looked SO annoyed. When Heidi goes to talk to him he looks more disappointed than anything. Spencer is ruining her life. He’s such a jerk.

I missed Audrina this episode. I want to know how her relationship is going with Justin Bobby and how her new house is working out. The suspense is driving me crazy. She’s barely been on the show for the past two episodes.

Be sure to check out next week’s episode! Holly is moving in with Lauren and Lo, Heidi is fighting with Spencer (again) and fighting to get her job back (good job girl), and we see a reappearance of Audrina!


by Drea | 2/1/2016