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Everything we know about the new Wicked movie

We finally got the first trailer for the new Wicked—movie and we can already tell it's going to be ~popular~. Here is everything you need to know about this epic adaptation...

What is Wicked about? 

This story serves as a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. It follows Elphaba and Glinda's life before they became the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. The story follows the pair's unlikely bond as they uncover corruption in the City of Oz and navigate love and friendship. (In other words, this story will totally get you in your girlhood feels.)

When can I watch? 

The movie will be coming to the movie theater on Nov. 27, 2024, just in time for least part one. That's right—this movie version of the Broadway hit will be released in two parts. We know, it's kinda a bummer to have to shell out money for two different movie tickets, but think of it this way: We can still hear all of our fave songs from the Broadway play *and* maybe even some new originals.

Who is in the cast? 


Ariana Grande is having a moment right now. The star recently released "yes, and?" and announced her brand new album, Eternal Sunshine. As if that wasn't enough, she will also be playing the iconic role of Glinda the Good Witch in the Wicked movie. We already know her amazing vocals are going to shine in this role. 

The leading role of Elphaba (aka the Wicked Witch) is played by Cynthia Erivo. Cynthia gained recognition after starring in The Color Purple on Broadway. Her performance won her a Tony for Best Actress in a Musical and a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album. She also starred as Aretha Franklin in National Geographic's limited series Genius: Aretha. Maybe her role in Wicked will let her complete her EGOT! 

The main love interest, Fiyero, will be played by Bridgerton's own Jonathan Bailey. We are so excited to see the chemistry between these two! 

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by Alex Marek | 2/19/2024