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2010s YouTuber Black Friday hauls you should totally rewatch

Thanksgiving is for the nostalgic girlies—from all the old stories your fam tells around the table to reminiscing about all the memories of the past year for your gratitude check.

Your childhood Thanksgivings probably included traditions like running a morning 5K or watching football with the family...and waiting up to see if your go-to YouTuber posted her annual Black Friday haul. We've compiled four of our fave Black Friday hauls by YouTubers that defined the 2010s that you can watch again for a Thanksgiving throwback!

Bethany Mota 

Bethany Mota was *the* YouTube It girl. (Did anyone else own her perfume growing up?) To be a young girl in the 2010s meant wanting to be just like Bethany—and her Black Friday haul is super cute and heartwarming. 

Alisha Marie

We need to appreciate Alisha's characteristically 2010s levels of color saturation– there's something so nostalgic-slash-comforting about all the bright pastels and pinks. Alisha, ofc, is an editing extraordinaire who knows just how to make an entertaining vid, especially a Black Friday haul. 

Aspyn Ovard 

Did anyone catch that little 1989 intro? I mean, what's more 2015 than that? An all-time fave, Aspyn Ovard is always on par with the trendiest aesthetics, even way back in 2015. This haul is no exception: It's perfection. 

Ava Jules 

Ava Jules is the positivity punch you need this Thanksgiving. But in terms of a #tbt, this vid is your rewatch of choice because it captures that casual, conversational style of YouTube that we were all into back in 2018. Even that thumbnail font is *so* 2018 (and we kinda love it). 

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by Kayla Conroy | 11/24/2023