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2010 YouTubers: Where are they now?

Don't get us wrong: We love a good Netflix series binge. But there's just something special about a late-night YouTube rabbit hole.

It's impossible to *not* go back to the early YouTube social media roots—we're talking about those 2010s lifestyle, fashion and beauty girlies. In our eyes, they're really pioneers who paved the way for all of the amazing girl-power content of our generation. 

If you totally miss these OG content creators, let us let you in on a secret: Most of them actually still make videos! And many have started clothing brands and podcasts—and even dabbled in the music industry. If you want to hop on the 2010 train again, here are some YouTube girlies to revisit for your next binge sesh...

Alisha Marie


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One word: iconic. If you watched any girl-squad videos, Alisha Marie must ring a bell.

Through her realistic everyday vlogging, 30-year-old Alisha makes her viewers feel like they actually *know* her. More importantly, she started a podcast, Pretty Basic, with one of her fellow YouTube BFFs, Remi Cruz. From their embarrassing boy stories to heartfelt messages about body image and self-confidence, Pretty Basic consistently ranks within the top 25 Apple podcasts.

She also started an athleisure brand with her sister, Ashley Nicole, called Parallel Apparel. Their goal was to empower women and start embracing all body types.

My Life as Eva 

Did anyone else listen to "Literally My Life" on repeat?! Well, you weren't alone. In fact, we're still obsessed with Eva Gutowski. Until early 2022, Eva was still uploading videos on YouTube pretty regularly. She posted a ton of personal and meaningful life updates alongside fun collabs with ex-boyfriend, Brent Rivera. 

Recently, Eva took a step back from the platform. However, she still uploads some adorable couple vlogs and NYC moving updates from time to time. Now, Eva has fully stepped into the music industry. Her recent single "DAY N NITE," has gone totally viral on TikTok. She's also a pretty accomplished DJ.

Additionally, Eva has taken her DIY powers to the next level by completely redesigning a vintage-curated home in Palm Springs. The Frames House is now available for bookings!



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Lauren Riihimaki truly made all of us DIY craft girlies for a lifetime. Lauren now hosts a reality show called Craftopia where she invites crafty teens to participate in DIY challenges. From creating chic looks out of candy to turning old things into innovative art pieces, the show is an HBO Max hit. 

In more exciting news, though, Lauren is soon to be married to Jeremy Lewis. On her Instagram, she has been posting a ton of adorable wedding updates, including her beautiful gown. The couple actually hosts a podcast together: Wild Till 9. The show is all about relationships, red flags and their own stories of how the completely opposite duo found each other and is now on the road to spending a lifetime together. 

Miss Remi Ashten


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Between the Asian Girl Squad and summer recipe videos, we've loved Miss Remi from the start of her now 11-year YouTube journey. Although we've already expressed our obsession with Pretty Basic, her co-hosted podcast with BFF Alisha Marie, Remi has produced tons of solo projects as well. 

Our favorite has definitely been Cooking with Remi, a cooking series on her main channel where she shows her audience how to make delicious dishes. She even has a cookbook and a website where you can find all of her recipes. 

Remi still uploads *tons* of videos to both her main and vlog channels. We love all of her travel content with her long-term boyfriend, Cal Parsons. Her at-home cleaning, cooking, workout and everyday vlogs are pretty addicting, too.

Niki and Gabi


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Yes, your favorite twin duo still exists. Niki and Gabi Demartino still regularly upload fashion, beauty and lifestyle content to their joint YouTube channel.

The twins also produce tons of content separately. Now based in New York, Gabi uploads amazing vintage clothing hauls, GRWM videos and beauty reviews. She gives us all the inside scoop on new perfumes, makeup products and online companies. 

Known for having a polar opposite aesthetic, Niki is a total popstar. She has released dozens of singles and music videos, some of which have gone completely viral.

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by Frankie Smith | 9/5/2023