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We had a blast celebrating the Summer of SpongeBob at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana (and you can, too!)

Dreaming of an unforgettable summer getaway?
Us, too. And we found the perfect place...

Picture this: Sunny days, stunning tropical views, gourmet meals, laid-back time by the pool bonding with the fam and endless adventures with your fave Nickelodeon characters. Yep, this dream can *actually* come true: Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana is the real deal—and the mega-fun all-inclusive resort is sooo where you want to spend your next family vacay. 

Located on the gorgeous Caribbean sands of Uvero Beach, the five-star resort packs a whole lot of fun for your entire fam. With amaze accommodations, delish cuisine (s'mores dessert pizza is ~most definitely~ a thing) and around-the-clock entertainment (fab live shows every night), it's sure to be your Favorite. Vacation. Ever. 

Bumper soccer on the beach is *always* a good idea. 

"The best part was getting slimed at Aqua Nick water park," dishes Shane J.—"and spending time in the kids' clubhouse and studio at Club Nick was super cool, too." Even more highlights from their trip: Lounging on the lazy river, snapping pics with throwback *and* current go-to Nickelodeon characters and, of course, celebrating all things Summer of SpongeBob

The Summer of SpongeBob also includes...

🍍 Epic scavenger hunts throughout the resort
🍍 Laugh-out-loud viewing parties of *all* your fave episodes
🍍 Full beach + water park access
🍍 The opportunity to earn your own Bikini Bottom Driver's License

...and so. much. more.

Ready to celebrate the Summer of SpongeBob? Don't wait—CLICK HERE to start planning your vacay!


by GL | 7/6/2023