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5 girl bands to listen to *before* they blow up

We've all been there—you have a cool-girl-approved, underground song on repeat. Then, all of a sudden, it becomes an overnight TikTok sensation, and you start hearing it literally everywhere. In order to beat this frustrating phenomenon, here's a few lesser-known gems to enhance your spring playlist (*before* the influencers get their hands on them). 

The Aces


The Aces live up to their name—they basically just release bop after bop. If you're in the mood for interesting electronic beats and killer lyrics, drop everything and listen to The Aces now. Gals who love The 1975 and Olivia Rodrigo will heart this girl band from Utah. 

The Linda Lindas


Despite the fact that they just dropped their debut album in 2022, The Linda Lindas have an early 2000s sound that is perf for a bedroom dance sesh. Their pop-punk anthems are giving Avril Lavigne vibes, and one thing's for sure: Kat Stratford would have *adored* The Linda Lindas.

Slant 6


Slant 6 is a (suprisingly) underrated nineties girl band, and we can totally see their punk melodies becoming the newest viral sounds in 2023. With their retro vibe and forceful, angsty tunes, these gals provide a stellar soundtrack to power up your walk to school. Let's just say that Slant 6's 1995 record Inzomnia would def be an album that Rory Gilmore would (discreetly) pass to Lane.  



Based in Madrid, Hinds features both Spanish and English lyrics throughout their three albums. We think fans of Clairo and Gracie Abrams would obsess over their softer vocals backed by fun beats. If you're in need of new music to play while doing homework (bonus points if it's for Spanish class!), Hinds is about to be your new go-to.

The Regrettes


The Regrettes are basically a female version of Wallows (and fun fact: The lead singers of both bands dated for four years). With their upbeat vibe, indie feel and fab onstage style, you will have no regrets about tuning into The Regrettes. If you're looking for a girl power rock ballad, we suggest "A Living Human Girl." "Pumpkin" is also an adorbs love song, and "Dancing on my Own" is a perf addition to your post-breakup soundtrack. No matter the mood, The Regrettes will have your back.

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by Julia Szymanski | 5/21/2023