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EXCLUSIVE! Kyleigh's Lemonade: How a young entrepreneur is slaying the business game

Becoming an entrepreneur is seriously (or shall we say citrusly) no simple feat. But somehow, Kyleigh makes it all look easy peezy lemon squeezy.

This 12-year-old boss babe is taking the beverage world by storm with Kyleigh's Lemonade, a budding drink company serving up everyone's favorite summer sip. We sat down to chat with Kyleigh about all things entrepreneurship—and you're gonna want to hear her inspirational story and best business tips, trust.

🍋 Humble beginnings

Kyleigh always dreamed of becoming a business owner after growing up watching her mom sell clothing. So at just 6 years old, she started her own lemonade stand in front of her grandparents' house (aww!) in Little Rock, Ark. And it was an instant hit.

"So many people came by and enjoyed the lemonade that we served for them," Kyleigh says. "It just took off."

From there, Kyleigh's mom helped her purchase a food truck to take her lemonade on the go, boosting biz even more. They traveled to a handful of local events to promote her signature sip—which caught the attention of a few media outlets. Now, Kyleigh's Lemonade sells three different flavors on her website. And she's not done yet!

🍋 Behind the scenes of the biz

Along the way, Kyleigh has learned lots about the world of business: "When I was younger, it helped me learn more about how to manage and save money," she shares. "In the future, if I want to start more businesses, this will always be something I can go back to."

And have you ever wondered how a drink like this is *actually* made? Kyleigh dished (poured?) on the process of creating a product. Spoiler alert: It takes a lot longer than you might think.

The lemonade has to go through multiple rounds of taste-testing and sampling. Once the flavor is perfected, it goes to a manufacturer who bottles, labels and packages the beverage for sale. So basically, patience is key, Kyleigh says.

🍋 Squeeze the day

Kyleigh's words of wisdom for aspiring female entrepreneurs? "Don't be afraid to get started. And don't let the hate comments get to you—'cause they're just jealous."

Looking to the future, Kyleigh has big hopes and dreams for her company. She wants to sell her lemonade in stores across the U.S. and around the world. And tbh, she thinks that everyone should try a sip of her lemonade this sunny szn. "It'll be the best lemonade you'll ever have. Especially in the summertime, when you're sitting by the is the best taste!"

Follow Kyleigh on Instagram @kyleighslemonade and check out her website!

All images: @kyleighslemonade


by Hannah Kennedy | 4/18/2023