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Taylor Swift is releasing four new songs tonight: Here's what we know

Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or a casual listener (no judgement here), it's no secret that it's been a minute since Tay last went on tour. And, if you're anything like us, you've probably spent the past few months counting down the days 'til The Eras Tour—which, at long last, kicks off tomorrow, March 17, in Glendale, AZ. To celebrate her long-awaited return to the stage, Taylor just announced via Instagram four new midnight releases, one of which we've never heard before. Ready to obsess? We've got you covered with all the deets.

"Eyes Open (Taylor's Version)"

Hunger Games stans, this one's for you. Although not actually included in the 2012 movie adaptation of the hit Suzanne Collins novel, "Eyes Open" is a Speak Now-era staple, and we're pretty excited to hear Taylor's Version at long last.  Listen here!

"Safe & Sound (Taylor's Version)"

Another rerecording of a Hunger Games hit, "Safe and Sound" (feat. The Civil Wars) was the power ballad that earned Tay her eighth Grammy. The new version will feature both John Paul White and Joy Williams, aka the musical geniuses behind The Civil Wars who were featured on the OG track.  Listen here!

"If This Was a Movie (Taylor's Version)"

This bonus track from Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) has held prime real estate in our hearts since its release waaay back in 2010. We've always adored the sweet sadness of this side of Tay's anthology, but to hear it re-recorded almost 13 years later? A dream come true. Listen here!

"All of the Girls You Loved Before"


Rumored to have been a reject from Lover, "All of the Girls You Loved Before" has potential to be our song of the spring. And while leaked versions of this song exist on YouTube and beyond, we'll be patiently waiting for the real deal, tyvm.  Listen here!

Which track are you most excited for? 
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by Lena Genovese | 3/16/2023