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5 must-see Y2K flicks for your next sleepover

No sleepover with the besties is complete without watching a feel-good movie. Sure, you could technically choose any movie to watch with your friends...but early 2000's movies definitely take the cake as the perf flicks for a night spent with the squad. They're funny, cute and, best of all, super aesthetic. Here are 5 must-see Y2K flicks for your next sleepover.

1. Legally Blonde


Legally Blonde follows the story of a young, rich girl named Elle Woods. She initially attends Harvard for the sole purpose of winning back her ex, but soon realizes her own-self worth and academic potential. From its killer soundtrack to its iconic one-liners, Legally Blonde is basically the blueprint.

2. The Princess Diaries

Mia is just a normal girl living in San Fransisco...until her grandmother informs her that she's actually the crown princess of Genovia. Watch as Mia tries to navigate royal life and learns what it truly takes to be a princess.

3. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


Lola is a 15-year-old New York native with big dreams of becoming a Broadway star. She reluctantly moves to New Jersey with her family and, despite the major obstacles in her way, still tries her make her dream a reality. This underrated DCOM is the perfect nod to early '00s high school culture and the fab fashion that we heart so much.

4. Mean Girls


Cady Heron has spent most of her life being homeschooled in Africa. When she finally convinces her parents to let her attend an American high school, Cady discovers that being a "normal" teenager might just be more complicated than she thought. To the surprise of everyone, queen bee Regina George lets Cady into her toxic clique of friends, and Cady develops a plan to take them down from the inside.

5. The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Follow along on Lizzie McGuire's eighth-grade graduation trip to Rome and obsess over the crimped hair, layered tees and simply iconic performance of "What Dreams Are Made Of". This feel-good DCOM is everything you need for a night in with the girls.  

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by Lucia Kelemen | 9/17/2022