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Girl Talk

You break up with your boyfriend and you immediately dial your BFF, mid-tears. You get into an argument with one of your girls and two seconds later, find yourself over at another BFF’s house, ranting. Hmm…catch on to anything yet?
As girls, we can all agree that whenever something happens or we have something on our minds, we turn to our friends; our lifelong sistas who are there through tears, angry fits and even in-house drama.
As healthy as it may seem to dump all our burdens onto a friend’s shoulder, research shows otherwise. According to The New York Times, studies have shown that too much girl talk can lead to emotional hardships, which include anxiety and sometimes even depression.
What? Gossiping and talking too much can cause emotional distress?! Yep, you got it. Researchers found that “co-rumination” aka obsessively talking about the same problem over and over, can actually make girls feel worse.
Yikes! That totally does not mean we should stop talking to our girls. What would life be without our besties?!
Instead of obsessing over a problem, try to find a solution. It is so much healthier to talk about it and figure out how to improve the sitch rather than going on and on about it.
Next time there’s a dilemma among you and your babes, get to the point and find a way to solve it!
by Sharon Choi | 2/1/2016