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This anti-bullying foundation is taking you to the moon (yes, the *actual* moon)

You know that saying "Shoot for the moon"? Former GL intern Makaila Nichols is doing just that—and she's taking kids everywhere along for the ride. 

After the success of her book Blatantly Honest: Normal Teen, Abnormal Life, Makaila moved onto school speaking engagements and founded an anti-bullying nonprofit called the Blatantly Honest Foundation.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic's school closures gave some bullying victims a reprieve, the move to online day-to-day struck a chord for those struggling with cyberbullying. Makaila wanted to make a difference—and do so safely. "I wanted to make sure no kid ever had to be looked down upon again," she shares. Operation: Inclusion was born. 

For a donation of $5, you can submit a photo of yourself (or your family, friends or pets) to go to the moon. Yup, that's the *actual* moon—the Blatantly Honest Foundation's 2021 rocket launch is going to contain a time capsule with an SD card that holds all the photo submissions. That capsule is staying on the moon permanently, ensuring that your photo will have a forever out-of-this-world experience. 

Sounds cool, right? Even cooler: Your donation helps the foundation provide anti-bullying materials for students across the country, including the development of an anti-bullying mobile game.  

You can submit your photos by December 20 HERE. 

by Katherine Hammer | 10/7/2020