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Here are *all* of the highlights from Super Bowl LIII

ICYMI, Super Bowl LIII was this Sunday, Feb. 3, and the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams with a final score of 13-3. Not only was this the lowest-scoring championship game in NFL history, but the Patriots' victory also presented quarterback Tom Brady with his sixth (yes, sixth) Super Bowl ring. 

While many viewers tune in for the action of the game itself, we gotta admit: the commercials and the halftime show are half of the fun. From celeb cameos to highly-anticipated movie trailers, this year's Super Bowl delivered some memorable moments off the field. 

1. Cardi B's Pepsi cameo

Seeing our girl Cardi shine in Pepsi's commercials was one of the night's greatest highlights, no?

2. Xbox's touching commercial

Xbox released this *sweet* commercial announcing the new adaptive controller for players with disabilities. We loved seeing this step toward inclusivity!

3. The Toy Story 4  trailer 

Your favorite talking toys are back! On June 21, Toy Story 4 will hit theaters everywhere. 

4. Adam Levine's fashion fail  

Adam's fashion choice hit, shall we say, *close to home* for many people. 

6. Travis Scott's Spongebob introduction 

Did everyone catch this iconic intro for Travis Scott? If only Spongebob, Patrick and the rest of the gang could have performed at halftime with Maroon 5....

7. Walmart's grocery pickup commercial 

How many famous rides do you recognize? 

8. Disney World's tweet about Tom 

Say hello to Mickey and Minnie for us!

9. Michael Bublé's Bubly mix-up 

Which way do you say it? Bubbly? Bublé? Bublee? 

What were some of your favorite highlights? Tell us below! 

Photo credit: Giphy, Nickelodeon


by Rachel Palepale and Emily Fishel | 2/4/2019
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