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This new gadget is *way* better than a selfie stick

Isn’t it so frustrating when your *entire* squad is together for a fun night, but you can’t squeeze in close enough for a good selfie? No one's arm is long enough, there's that one friend who's too short, there's that one friend who's too tall and everyone ends up squished and cramped, trying to fit into the frame.

Yeah, sure you could use a selfie stick. Or, you could use the AirSelfie.

It’s a new camera that literally flies up into the air to take your picture. It's shaped like a phone so it fits easily in your pocket, making it so you can carry it around at all times. Whenever a snappable moment arises, you're basically guaranteed a 100-like Insta post. 

Check out the video so you can see exactly how the product works.

With the AirSelfie app, you can control the flying drone and take pictures without the typical selfie problems. The device can fly up to an hour at a time, and within the app there are three different functions: 

Selfie mode means you can simply fly the device using the remote and snap a photo. Selfie Motion Control mode allows you to control the camera by the way you move your phone. Flying mode is for getting those great landscape shots—fly the camera until you find the perfect angle for an awesome Insta-worthy #sunset snap. After your capture, the app lets you post straight to social media, too.

If you're interested in the AirSelfie and want to preorder it now, you’ll be funding their Kickstarter, thus helping the AirSelfie team manufacture even more of these cool cameras.

Do you think the AirSelfie sounds cool? What would you use it for? Let us know in the comments!  


by Amy Garcia | 11/29/2016