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You're going to *flip* for this new Under Armour video


If you’re anything like us, you’re getting seriously pumped for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics that will be held in Rio this August. Every 4 years, we get to see the hard work of hundreds of athletes from all over the world finally pay off.

We, the awesome fans, pass the time between Olympic games by doing our same old day-to-day activities, but haven’t you ever wondered what the athletes are up to? Well, as part of their new "Rule Yourself" campaign, Under Armour has just released the coolest (and most intense) video ever. Check it out below, and make sure you turn up the volume to get the whole effect.

ICYMI, the USA Gymnastics Women’s National Team is composed of some seriously strong and inspirational tough young women, and this video showcases their amazing talent and dedication to the sport that they love. This video, featuring some of these awesome women, will seriously *flip* your thoughts about gymnasts and the work that they do everyday to achieve their dream.

According to a recent Under Armour press release, their new campaign “honors the commitment to the 24/7 grind that each athlete pushes through in order to succeed when their moment in the spotlight comes."

What did you think of the video? What else in your life could use the same level of dedication? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Under Armour


by Caitlin Callihan | 2/26/2016