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This teen is protesting her high school's yoga pants policy

What would you do if your school made an unfair ban on your favorite item of clothing? At Cape Cod Technical High School, the new school year came with new dress code rules. 

The school's new drew code states that “spandex, tights and yoga pants must be worn with short or a skirt.” The school now considers yoga pants and leggings to be an accessory and must have something worn overtop of them. However, students weren’t going to give up their favorite garment without a fight.

One Massachusetts teen decided it was time for high school girls to stand up for themselves. Emily Connolly, a 16-year-old at Cape Cod Technical High School, organized a protest against the new dress code policy for the first day of school. More than 200 girls joined her Facebook event, “First Day=Yoga Pants,” with each girl promising to wear a pair on the first day back. 

Although they are comfy, and do not show an inappropriate amount of skin, the school think girls should dress more appropriately. Emily believes that this rule body shames female students and is unfair. “Many of us think that it is because it’s considered a distraction to boys,” Emily says. Her fellow female students just want to be able to dress comfortably during the school day. Male students haven't received any bans for their clothing, and that is one of the reasons why girls are angered by these rules.

This instance is just one of many where young girls are standing up to the dress codes they face at school. With rules seemingly growing stricter and stricter, teens are deeming them unfair—and suggesting that they often target girls specifically with little regulation (or punishment) for boys.

Watch Good Morning America's interview with Emily here.

What do you think, GL girls? Is this rule reasonable? Are dress codes unfairly targeting girls and their clothing? Discuss in the comments.

Photo credit: Good Morning America


by Brittany Freeman | 2/1/2016