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This "Best Dressed" Muslim teen rocks her hijab on the daily


Fashion is all about looking fabulous while still staying true to yourself—and that’s exactly how Abrar Shahin defined her style and won “Best Dressed” at her New Jersey high school. As part of her religious tradition, this 18-year-old Muslim girl wears a hijab (aka the head scarves in these pictures) every day, and every day she leaves the house dressed to the nines. 

Interested in fashion since she was little, Abrar told BuzzFeed News that, “Since I first learned how to use the internet I would spend all my mornings and afternoons playing dress-up games. I would even create outfits for my Barbie dolls with socks!” Today, Abrar dresses in a trendy yet modest way with her hijab as her self-described "crown."  She told Seventeen, “While wearing it, I feel safe and confident with myself.” 

Often people who dress “differently” get overlooked for awards like these, but at Abrar's school, that wasn't the case. Despite being one of 800 students in her class, her fierce sense of style helped her stand out and prove once and for all that hijabs and head scarves are as fashionable as anything else. She explained, “As a young Muslim American woman, it makes me happy to know that I come from an accepting and open minded generation.”


Abrar wants to inspire girls to use fashion to express their own personal styles. “I just want to let every girl out there know that they shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves through style." Her best tip? Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. 

Encouraged by Abrar? Try wearing clothes that you like, not just the ones that all your friends are wearing. After all, the best look always is the one that you’re comfortable in and allows you to be the true you.

What are your favorite accessories to wear? Do you have any personal touches you like to add to make an outfit stand out?

Photo credit: Abrar Shahin/BuzzFeed

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by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016