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Feel Good Friday: These girls play ball with a little help from Elsa


It’s no secret that Frozen is the favorite movie of most young girls, but this team of four and five-year-old softball players from Edmond, OK, took their love to the next level. 

The team, who have named themselves “Freeze” after the Disney fave, decided to show their everlasting love for Elsa in their team photo. The girls donned their dresses and eye black, struck a fierce pose and (with the help of photographer mom, Betsey Gregory) took their pic to Facebook.

Since then, the picture has gone viral, getting thousands of shares and likes. And hey, we totally understand why this image is so popular—these adorable girls show us that being a lover of sports doesn’t mean sacrificing a passion for all things princess. 

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Photo courtesy of: Betsy Gregory Photography


by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016