EXCLUSIVE! Kennie and Chacha Shen are the star-powered sisters you *need* to know

We *so* love a sister duo and that's why we can't get enough of super close sisters—and stars on the rise—Kennie and Chacha Shen. On the heels of their recent cover release and E! reality show, we caught up with these two BFFs on everything amazing they have going the advice you *need* to hear to get closer to your sis.

Fun Fact #1: They got their start in dance.

Both girls started dancing at a super young age and quickly made the leap to performing onstage and onscreen as dancers, singers and actresses. Kennie's fave thing about dance? "How I get to express myself." Chacha's: "Competing onstage in front of an audience." 

Fun Fact #2: They have *very* different personalities.

While Chacha would describe herself as more of a "crazy, daredevil" type, Kennie sees herself as the calmer and more low-key half of the dynamic duo. "I think that, since we have contrasting personalities, we can inspire each other and work together well," Kennie reflects. Chacha totally agrees, adding that Kennie's the hype girl/big sister everyone needs in their lives: "Kennie's like my cheerleader," she says. "No one screams louder for me than she does!" 

Fun Fact #3: They have some serious stardom inspiration.

Both girls are quick to call each other out as their role models—but they also see Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron as people whose well-rounded careers they'd def want to emulate.

Fun Fact #4: They have big dreams for the future.

"I'd love to be a pop star...or a Starbucks barista!" laughs Chacha. For Kennie, she 100% sees dance in her future plans: "Whether I'm a dancer, a choreographer or a teacher, I know I want to be in the dance industry," she explains.

Fun Fact #5: They have the best sisterly advice.

These two know that there's no room for competition when it comes to sticking together as sisters: "Support each other completely and show each other love—you need each other!" they advise. We're *so* here for it.

Kennie's fave dance style: Contemporary lyrical or hip-hop
Chacha's fave season: Winter
Kennie's dream travel spot: Japan or Hawaii
Chacha's top animal: Dog

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by Katherine Hammer | 11/28/2022