EXCLUSIVE! Under Wraps 2 star Sophia Hammons is *here* for Halloween

Calling all Under Wraps fans! The long-awaited sequel to the hit movie is *finally* here, and we couldn't be more excited to see what our fave spooky crew is up to. We chatted with Sophia Hammons (who totally rocks the role of Amy) to get the full scoop on this hilarious (and v. heartwarming) film. Scroll for all the deets on her character and stay tuned for her hot takes on Halloween. (And click here to read all about her experience filming The Social Dilemma!)

Girls' Life: How does your character change in this sequel?
Sophia Hammons: My character, Amy, is very similar to who she was in the first movie, but she's just so much more in her element this time around. She's planning her dad's wedding, which is super important to her. And when things go wrong, you see a vulnerable side to Amy that you don't quite see in the first movie. I'm really happy that the audience gets to see that side of her.

GL: Who's a character from the movie that you'd want to hang out with IRL?
Sophia: That's a really good question. Tbh, I would really like to hang out with Amy just to see how similar—or different—we are. But I would also be very interested in spending time with Rose. I've never hung out with a mummy in real life, so I would *love* to meet her.

GL: Love the spooky vibes. What do you hope people enjoy most about this movie?
Sophia: I hope people see that everything's better with a team. I know sometimes it seems like, when you do things on your own, it's going to be easier. But in the end, it's much better when you have a support group of friends and family by your side. The kids in this movie experience some friendship problems, which is super important for the audience to see. I hope that people recognize that even when you have these relationship conflicts, you can always build them right back up.

GL: What's one piece of friendship advice that you would give to teen girls?
Sophia: I would say to be really open-minded and to look at things from the other person's point of view. Sometimes it's easier to be one-sided and see things from just your perspective. But when you look at things from where your friend is standing, you can actually see how they feel.

GL: Amaze advice. What are you excited about in the coming year?
Sophia: I just finished filming a Hulu show called Up Here. It's a musical romantic comedy set in New York City in 1999. It's all about a couple who discover that the greatest obstacle to falling in love is their own fears. My character, Celeste, is one of those fears. I'm just so excited for people to finally see it.

This or That: Halloween edition

GL: Trick-or-treating or hanging at home? 
Sophia: A year ago I would have said trick-or-treating, but I think now I'd rather just stay in one place and watch a scary movie—with my friends, ofc.

GL: Sweet candy, sour candy or chocolate?
Sophia: If I had to rank them? Sour, chocolate and then sweet. And my favorite candy is Nerds rope. But I also *love* Sour Patch Kids.

GL: Us too. And, lastly, horror movies or childhood Halloween classics?
Sophia: If I'm with friends, definitely a scary movie. I get scared if I'm watching by myself! But if I'm just trying to get into the spooky spirit, I love a childhood movie.

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by Katherine Hammer and Lena Genovese | 10/1/2022