We have Mckenna Grace's new song "You Ruined Nirvana" on repeat

So you're going through a breakup...or maybe you're not. Maybe a bestie just broke up with her long-term bae and you're right there with her in her feels. Or maybe you're stuck in a frustrating talking stage. Whatever your relationship status may be, the incredible 15-year-old Mckenna Grace's newest song "You Ruined Nirvana" perfectly captures the anger that comes along with navigating teen relationships.

Opening with Mckenna putting her song's CD on in her car and later joining a mini punk rock band in her bedroom (featuring icon Shay Rudolph, aka BSC Stacey McGill on bass), the music video instantly pulls you into her grunge-pop world.

"I wanted to create something where I could go in my room, shut the door and yell at the top of my lungs," Mckenna captioned an Insta post. "The song is about that feeling you get when you can't listen to a song anymore without thinking of someone..." and saying things like, "So what if we broke up? I don't ever think about you but the worst thing that you ever did—you ruined Nirvana and I can't forgive you for that," in the lyrics portray just this.

From being in tons of shows and movies including Dog with a Blog and Ghostbusters to now releasing music that's impossible *not* to sing along to, Mckenna Grace truly does it all. This song brings on a whole new unexpected yet exciting era for this young artist. Always keeping us on our toes, there's no doubt this rockstar has *tons* more in store for us in the future.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 4/25/2022